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alxenia brown gay pca/RN

a 36 yr nurse in need 11·01·2017 2:01 am more

A nurse 36 yrs with home pending foreclosure..lived there 15 yrs and loved current apt 3 yrs and have to move in with daughter Monet by Nov.28 2017 due to low salary..been away from nursing career 4 yrs...doing home care nearly 4 yrs but money small...a blessing for me to have made it this far with much to look forward to however I have notified the domestic violence hotline on behalf of my family...strange incidences noted.
Rachel Maddow's show I just love!! Do you have that newsletter ready Rachel on " wills, trusts , land and property and pensions ? " I look forward to reading it. alxenia brown gay 11•14•18 to 11 •14•2028
(Las Vegas 20 years / California 38 yrs)
p.s. this acatel ATT prepaid phone malfunctions but I will keep trying each dayto log on- also drills• wild dogs• garbage trucks being placed near me constantly the last several years..